Here are some guidelines for things you may want to consider bringing or not bringing along to the festival.

Things to bring:

  • Dogs. If you have a dog who is not dog aggressive or child aggressive and that will always have a leash attached to its collar with the other end of the leash always attached to you - feel free to give it a try. It isn't okay to drop the leash just until somebody looks at you funny. It isn't okay if your dog only bites people once in a while. It isn't okay for your dog to just go in the pond for a couple minutes. It isn't okay if your dog is unlicensed. It isn't okay to take your dog to the fair & carnival or to leave your dog tied up while you go to the fair & carnival. We can require you to take your dog somewhere else for any reason, so if you're not sure then just bring people instead.

  • Camping Chairs. It's okay and encouraged to bring camping chairs. Just remember to be courteous to others. Camping chairs are best used behind people sitting on blankets or the grass.

  • Shade Tents. Low to the ground shade tents have become really popular these days. There is limited space to set one up at the festival without getting in the way of other folks. Maybe throw it in the trunk and check out the situation first.

  • Small Coolers. Small coolers are allowed, but please keep in mind that if you bring everything you need from home we won't be able to have a festival again next year - let alone raise money to run the Opera House.

  • The Whole Family. This is a multi-generational event. Don't feel like you need to leave the kids at home with the grandparents unless you want to.

  • Sunglasses. Remember to bring your sunglasses - it's always a bummer to forget your sunglasses.

Things NOT to bring:

  • Dogs. See above for when it's okay to bring your dog. Yes - you really do need to be attached to your dog with a leash all the time.

  • Fireworks. No way. Don't do it. Don't bring fireworks to set off behind a bush at the festival or in the neighborhood around the Opera House. Seriously, don't.

  • Glass. No glass allowed in the park. Don't bring any glass.

  • Stuff to vend. If you want to sell anything you need to sign up ahead of time to be a vendor.

  • Illegal Drugs. Everything that is illegal normally is still illegal at the festival.

  • Anything hot pink or salmon colored (this is a fake rule).

  • Bad attitudes or mean people. Do your best on this one - everyone has bad days.


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